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I.A. Dzhanybekova Analysis of value of blood-brain barrier of acute lymphoblastic leukemia and neuroleukemia Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
L.G. Selyutin, K.O. Bulgakov Analysis and evaluation of sources financing of social housing construction in a large city Volume 45, №2 Economics. Computer Science
Ch.I. Nizamova, S.G. Dobrotvorskaya Analysis and improvement of definition and classification groups of pedagogical conditions Volume 38, № 4 Humanities
V.F. Kulikovsky, Y.A. Khoschenko, T.A. Nachetova, A.V. Nagorny Analysis of the results of primary accreditation of the graduates in the field of general medicine in the center of simulation training and assessment of professional skills of Belgorod National Research Universit Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
N.I. Stepykin, Yu. A. Polhova Analysis of communicative strategies and tactics in conflict situations (based on tv series "Scrubs») Volume 37, № 3 Humanities
V.V. Kibalko The analysis of the festive conceptions. Retrospective reflection Volume 43, № 2 Philosophy. Sociology. Law
Y.V. Kozyaychev, B.A. Tkhorikov Analysis of world experience in the development of the beekeeping industry Volume 45, №2 Economics. Computer Science
L.I. Sevostyanova, E.A. Goncharov, M.A. Anufriev Analysis of Erosion Network on the Territory of the Republic of Mari El Volume 42, № 2 Natural Sciences
T.А. Oleynikova, A.А. Titova ANALYSIS ANTITHROMBOTIC THERAPY OF CEREBRAL INFARCTION Volume 41, №1 Medicine. Pharmacy
M.E. Kosov Risk analysis the loss revenues of the budget system of the Russian Federation Volume 45, №1 Economics. Computer Science

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