Current issue (NOMOTHETIKA: Philosophy. Sociology. Law)

Volume 45, № 1

History of Philosophy, Social Sciences and Humanities

M.Ju. Reutin. On the question about the structure of religious consciousness (on the material of the woman mysticism of the late middle)

Logics, Methodology and Philosophy of Science

S.A. Kolesnikov. The genesis of the experimental method: the humanitarian aspects of archaeology of number

Sociology and Social Technologies

V.A. Kuzmenkov. The anomie: basic theories
L.G. Lebedeva. The attitude of different generations of Russians to the state (sociological aspect)

Human Being. Culture. Society

V.V. Lytkin, A.V. Osipova. Protopop Avvakum: the movement from the artistic image to the person
A.I. Shvyrkov, D.M. Koshlakov. Concept: the problem of translation
L.A. Shtompel, O.M. Shtompel. Audiovisual environment of the cities of the Southern Federal District as a representation space of cultural meanings

Religion Studies and Sociology of Culture

N.N. Mikhaltsov. Christological argumentation of venerable John of Damascus in the context of philosophy of icon-worship

Actual Problems of Legal Regulation

Y.V. Brisov. Doctrine of good faith in civil law
M.V. Markhgeym, A.I. CHerenkova. Open party lists: people-power resources and associated electoral risks
L.A. Pozharova, V.Y. Turanin, V.V. Penskoy. Long way to "centralization": early modern Russian state and its features
N.A. Zhukova, I.A. Yaroshchuk. Extremism: concept and genesis in the context of international legal science
I.E. Fakeeva. The issue of participation of judges in social networks in the framework of the judge status
А.Е. Chepunov. Some problems of the «regulatory guillotine»
R. Z. Yusupov. About the concept of tax law office


A.S. Alehnovich. Human projection: the limits of possible and impossible
N.V. Baranichenko. Philosophical-anthropological analysis of performance in the history of European civilization
D.I. Gladkov. The value of the individuality (notes on the phenomenology of m. weber in the last book of Aron Y. Gurevich)
P.A. Olkhov, I.V. Goncharenko. Conceptualization of a holistic man in christian philosophy (to the thoughts of bishop Theophanes (Govorov))
K.I. Cherkesova , S.M. Sharabarin. "Perfect library". About keeping knowledge today

Scientific Life and Communication

E.E. Tonkov , А.V. Gabov, S.V. Tychinin, L.D. Turshuk. Energy law: models and trends of development (review of reports of the International scientific and practical conference)


R.A. Dunaev, М.В. Dunaevа. On scales "horizontal" and "vertical". Review of the monograph by M.A. Ignatova "Network paradigm in culture and science"