Author(s):  T.А. Oleynikova, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Kursk State Medical University, Kursk, Russia,

A.А. Titova, Kursk State Medical University, Kursk, Russia

Issue:  Volume 41, №1

Rubric:  Medical-biological Sciences

Annotation:  With the use of general scientific and economic-statistical methods of investigation the article considers the possibilities of modern antithrombotic pharmacotherapy of patients with ischemic stroke at the hospi-tal stage of medical care. A comparative analysis of the assortment of antithrombotic drugs presented at the pharmaceutical market of Russia and the city of Voronezh has been conducted. The actual structure of administering agents belonging to this group at the in-patient stage was analyzed taking into account the recommendations of the current normative documents (the standard of medical aid, the clinical guidelines on conducting thrombolytic therapy of patients with ischemic stroke). The cost analysis of the ischemic stroke therapy was carried out, which resulted in classifying the agents into the groups of low- , medium- , and high price segments. We also determined the economic expediency of purchasing certain names of antithrombotic agents at the in-patient department.

Keywords:  cerebral infarction (ischemic stroke),antithrombotic therapy, range, medicines.

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