Current issue (Regional Geosystems)

Volume 44, № 1

Earth sciences

Alina O. Avvakumova. Mathematical modeling of soil erosion factors on agricultural lands (on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan))
Aleksandr N. Barmin, Viktor V. Zanozin. Morphological features of the central part of the Volga delta landscape
Anatoliy S Gorbuno, Ol'ga P. Bykovskaya, Vladimir B. Mikhno. Regional features of lithological genesis of landscapes of the Central Chernozems region
Inna V. Nikonorova, Yury R. Arkhipov, Nikolay A. Kazakov, Natalia G. Karaganova. On change of calculation of time in the region of European Russia (on the example of the Chuvash Republic)
Anna V. Osennaya, Irina S. Gribkova, Bela A. Khakhuk, Tatyana A. Batskikh, Kseniya V. Voronova. Application of geoinformation systems when carrying out the cadastral assessment of real estate objects in the Russian Federation
Sergey V. Pashkov, Gul'nur Z. Mazhitova, Sergey V. Krytsky. Improvement of the methodology of large-scale agrarian landscape mapping based on uav application
Zhanna V. Atutova,. The functioning of long-river landscapes in the basin of lake Baikal at intensive anthropogenic load
Andrey A. Blackburn, Andrey L. Zolotoy. Spatial structure of steppe and forest-covered areas in the Shakhtersk district of the Donetsk People's Republic
Andrey E. Borovlev. Investigations of fine particles concentrations in the atmospheric air of residential areas of the city of Belgorod
Svetlana V. Budnik. Long-term changes in the hydraulic characteristics of the Pripyat basins and modern problems of small rivers
Ekaterina Yu Ivanova. The accumulation of genotoxic compounds some components of the aquatic and coastal ecosystems of the Voronezh reservoir