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D.D. Siukaeva, I.A.Narkevich, O.D. Nemyatych, I.I. Basakina Analysis of hospital purchases of antimicrobial drugs in the framework of the pharmaceutical market the North-Western Federal District Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
I.A. Dzhanybekova Analysis of value of blood-brain barrier of acute lymphoblastic leukemia and neuroleukemia Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
V.F. Kulikovsky, Y.A. Khoschenko, T.A. Nachetova, A.V. Nagorny Analysis of the results of primary accreditation of the graduates in the field of general medicine in the center of simulation training and assessment of professional skills of Belgorod National Research Universit Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
M.V. Krysko, Yu.V. Slustovskaya, O.Yu. Strelova, V.N. Kuklin Approbation of the method of enzymatic hydrolysis on natural and dyed hair for the extraction of medicinal substances Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
E.O. Isakov, A.O. Abdumomunov, A.T.Kulukeeva Biometric research of adaptive-compensatory changes in the dentoalveolar system with partial loss of teeth Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
A.S. Barinova, A.V. Nalyotov, S.V. Nalyotov The impact of communication doctor – patient's parents on the level of parental compliance in the treatment of children with chronic gastroduodenal pathology associated with Helicobacter pylori Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
L.V. Shekhovtsova, O.A. Osipova, A.I. Golovin, K.G. Plaksina, A.A. Dolzhikov Influence of methods of pharmacotherapy in myocardial remodeling of the left ventricle in patients with acute myocardial infarction after reperfusion in the prevention of the formation of CHF (review of literature) Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
V.I. Vishnevsky, I.I. Mironenko, O.V. Demyanenko The effect of thiotriazoline on the state of cellular and humoral immunity in patients with community-acquired pneumonia Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
T.A. Usanova, I.N. Shelpakova Quality of life at the patients between the ages of 18 and 50 with ischemic stroke Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
M.M. Kiselevich, О.А. Efremova, G.D. Petrova Clinical current and outcomes of the acute coronary syndrome Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy

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