Current issue (Via in tempore. History and political science)

Volume 47, № 1

Topical issues of world history

N.P. Pisarevskiy. Greek Dionysus in the country of the Indus behind Thrace
M.M. Choref. On the history of the study of the coinage of king Asander
A.Ju. Kolesnikova, I.V. Zin’kovskaya. Bronze articles belonging to the group of champleve enamels from sites in the southern part of Western Europe
A.A. Grechukhina. Barbaric invasion and the military situation of Cyrenaica in the 4th – the beginning of 5th centuries (on the basis of Synesius‘ letters)
D.A. Gogolev. The settlements called the cities in «Church history» by Theodoret of Cyrus
Yu.V. Sheludchenko. St. Sabbas the Sanctified (439–532) and monasteries of the Jewish desert in the depiction of Cyril of Skythopolis
A.M. Bolgova, M.A. Rudneva. Alexandrian school between the middle and the end of 6th century: Olympiodorus, Elias, David
V.V. Mironov. Military epidemiology of Austria-Hungary in the occupied Serbia between medicine and propaganda. 1915–1918
N.V. Parusova. The history of the Armenian churches in Avlabari block of Tbilisi

Topical issues of russian history

V.A. Sarapulkin. Military burials of the Rzhev burial ground of the Saltovo-Mayaki culture
N.I. Bondarev, T.A. Bondareva. Intention of the Western Caucasus dolmens
A.V. Skovorodnikov, D.S. Degtyarev. Adoption of a new master plans of cities at the second half of XIXth century (by the example of Tomsk region)
V.M. Оstroga. Teaching congresses in Belarus (second half of the ХІХ – early XX centuries)
P.Yu. Melnikov. Nuclear peasant family of the Saratov province (according to data of the Zemsky agricultural census 1880–90s)
M.V. Os`kin. Bessarabia in 1917: the economic situation of the rear of the Romanian front
K.D. Bugrov. Constructivist medical complexes of Urals in the period of 1920-ies and 1930-ies: architecture and exposition
N.V. Ostroukhova. Peculiarities of the legal regulation of the state-church relations in the USSR (1953–1963)

Topical issues of political science

O. V. Onopko, D.I. Borozenets. Content analysis as a method for identification of political expert‘s political picture of the world (N.V. Sungurovsky‘s case)
E.R. Abieva. Coordination center as an element of international protection of environmental migrant
P.V. Popov. Capabilities of democratic states to respond and counter hybrid threats
K.N. Lobanov, F.M. Ramazanova. New approaches in the integration policy of migrants in European Union
D.A. Belashchenko, I.F. Shodzhonov. Ukraine-Azerbaijan relations: basic fields of cooperation, problems and prospects for development
V.V. Titov, N.A. Samohvalov. To the question of possible causes of «rejuvenation» of the protest moods in Russia
D.A. Tarasova, K.V. Bogdanov. Assessment of regional leadership potential of Mexico in Latin America