Analysis of value of blood-brain barrier of acute lymphoblastic leukemia and neuroleukemia

Author(s):  I.A. Dzhanybekova, candidate of Sciences, International University of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan,

Issue:  Volume 41, № 4

Rubric:  Clinical Medicine

Annotation:  Blood-brain barrier (BBB) – important structure of organism, defensing CNS from unpleasant acts and determine the stable compound of CSF. High rate of ALL and NL in population and letal outcomes may be curable today. Showmethod’s of investigation of blood-brain barrier and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) as radioactive nuclide and neurospecific protein’s research. Various types of clinical NL had different values of this research parameters - RP – biochemical (BCP) (protein, albumin, globulines, aminonitrogen, neuroactiveaminoacids – glutamic acid, glutamine in cerebrospinal fluid and serum (S) of blood). During ALL (status CNS-1): acute period, remission, recurrence and CNS leukemia (NL): preclinical and clinical variants of NL (CNS-3), initial NL in children (CNS-6). Concentration’s gradients CSF/S for albumin, aminonitrogen, glutamic acid, glutamine in ALL, NL were determine. Cytosis is not good for all cases NL. NL met only 2.4 %.Ttreatmentof this researchmay be indicating as RM-P – Russian modificatedProtocol. Determingof cytosis (C), and blast C, and with single blasts, not always were evidence for clinics and prognosis. Pt therapy RMP as pilot project more improving results of survival, therefore of high dose’s complications during treatment, CSF’s INL, preclinical NL normalizing fastly.Intrathecal therapy with 3 components (TIT) showed best outcomes. NANA CSF – showing and reliable marker for early diagnostics of NL, not only INL, but may be occult NL (ONL). Intrathecal therapy with 3 components (TIT) showed best outcomes. BBB of this investigation show diagnostic value: in development of NL of processes of intrathecal synthesis (ITS), may be differentiationsigm of reactive pleiC from blast’s C, may be low C with high BCP. high C with low BCP, therefore, indicate activity of NL’s processes, degree of neurotoxicity, effect of accompany’s therapy, prognostic value

Keywords:  blood-brain barrier, cerebrospinal fluid, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, neuroleukemia, children

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