Current issue (Challenges in Modern Medicine)

Volume 42, № 3

Internal diseases

S.V. Zhemchuzhikov, L.V. Vasilieva, E.V. Gosteva, A.V. Nikitin. Effect of perindopril on the quality of life with comorbidity of obesity and coronary heart disease
S.S. Bunova, I.A. Viktorova, V.V. Goloshubina, I.A. Grishechkina. Difficulties and mistakes in the diagnosis of the root causes of fever of unknown genesis (clinical case)


O.A. Osipova, A.I. Golovin, E.V. Dobromirovа, O.N. Belousova. Nephroprotective effect of blockers 3 GMCO-reductase in patients with acute coronary syndrome, after myocardial revascularization by the method of the transgular coronary intervention
E.I. Myasoedova, P.N. Voronina. хронические формы ишемической болезни сердца, ишемическая кардиомиопатия, перенесенный инфаркт миокарда, сменный график с ночным временем работы, уровень 6-сульфатоксимелатонина, клинические проявления болезни.


E.I. Alexandrov. Diagnostics and treatment and prevention measures upon faults in structural and functional acid endurance of enamel and dental caries n pregnant women with endocrine pathologies (diabetes mellituce)
L.V. Shevchenko, I.A. Belenova, O.A. Kudryavtsev, I.S. Belenov, E.N. Rozhkova. Results of the aminoo acids using at the dental hyperesthesia treatment
N.A. Avkhacheva. Features of providing dental care to patients with chronic noncommunicable diseases (for example diabetes)
E.A. Maylyan, A.A. Vorozhko, V.A. Klyomin. Prediction of stomatitis development in patients after acrylic denture treatment
S.N. Gontarev, G.B. Kobzeva. The modern LED-technologies in treatment of periodontal diseases
A.V. Tsimbalistov, V.K. Leontiev, V.A. Borozentseva, N.S. Mishina, V.Yu. Borozentsev. Electrical conductivity of enamel of intact teeth and edge permeability of fillings in the treatment of caries
I.S. Gontareva, N.M. Agarkov. Changes in interleukins in children with chronic periodontitis
I.P. Ryzhova, V.S. Shtana, V.V. Chuev, V.T. Janashia, V.Yu. Denisova. Technological aspects of work with non-precurity dental polymers