Current issue (Economics. Information Technologies)

Volume 47 № 1

Regional and municipal economy

A.P. Peresypkin, O.V. Vaganova, N.E. Solovjeva. Regional aspects of functioning and dynamics of development of AIC dairy sub-complex
N.N. Zubareva. Financial and economic mechanism for the development of primary health care (regional experience)
A.I. Myasoedov, S.P. Ivanova. Informal economy: statistical analysis in European countries
O.N. Soshina. The main problems of ensuring the level of economic security of the region in the digital economy

Investment and innovations

I.O. Malykhina. Formation of the methodology for forecasting the work of the collaboration technological circuit within the framework of the economic system of the meso-level
I.A. Shumakova, Bondarenko V.A., Maksaev A.A.. Innovative approach to management of university activity based on application of HR-branding

Sectoral markets and market infrastructure

N.G. Gadzhiev, O.V. Kiseleva, S.A. Konovalenko, O.V. Skripkina, Kh.G. Akhmedova. Methodological approaches and methods for identification of non-business transactions by an expert accountant
Vanushkin A.S., Dadashev B.A.. Economic efficiency of configuration of alternative energy system in Crimea
V.M. Moskovkin, Liu Yawei, Ukrainskiy P.A.. Instruments for territorial benchmarking of university systems

Public and business finance

N.I. Bykanova, Gordya D.V., J.A. Solovey, L.A. Konshina. Formation of banks ecosystems in conditions of digitalization of banking space
M.V. Biryukov, N.A. Klimova, T.V. Gostishcheva. Cost estimate on implementation of measures, ensuring information security in consumer cooperation organizations
O.M. Korobeynikova, D.A. Korobeynikov, L.I. Stefanovich. Prospects for digital banking blockchain guarantees

Computer simulation history

T.S. Buzina, M.N. Polkovskaya. Modeling of production of agrarian product taking into account the price seasonality
V.V. Rumbesht, Е.V. Burdanova. Combinatorics an ordered multiplicative decompositions
O.M. Pihnastyi, V.D. Khodusov. Optimal material flow control at the input of the main conveyor

System analysis and processing of knowledge

O.O. Basov, A.I. Ofitserov, S.S. Batchurin. Conceptual bases of maintenance of complex safety on critical objects
A.I. Motienko, M.V. Korolev, L.Yu. Koroleva. Conceptual model of infocommunication systems for collecting and analyzing data on the health status of the population
I.V. Artamonov. CPN-based simulation software for business process throughput analysis
N.M. Beletskaya, A.S. Golovkova. Information system for laboratory researches of food products
M.A. Surushkin, доцент кафедры медико-биологических наук медицинского института, S.V. Igrunova, E.V. Nesterova. Method of integral assessment of functional conditions of personal cardiorespiratory system using an experts score and ranking assessment

Infocommunication technologies

D.V. Ursol. Influence distortion of power amplifier on signals with orthogonal subband base
V.V. Frolov, S.E. Slipchenko, O.Yu. Prikhodko. Clusters number calculating method for the k-means algorithm