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I.O. Zhukova, O.P. Lebedeva, O.N. Ivashova, S.P. Pakhomov, M.I. Churnosov CD4+ AND CD8+ T-lymphocytes in endometrium and their role in early stage miscarriages Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
V.G. Kukes , T.V. Gorbach, O.V. Romaschenko, V.V. Rumbesht, L.R. Zakirova, P.K. Alferov, V.S. Gritsenko, L.B. Statsenko, N.S. Gorbunova Adenosintrifosphoric acid in the blood as a marker of the state of the energy exchange of the myocardium at the evaluation of the energy-saving effects of metabolic correctors Volume 40, №26 Medicine. Pharmacy
L.V. Rymarova, E.Yu. Klyosova, A.V. Volkova, O.Yu. Bushueva, I.E. Azarova, V.B. Laskov, A.V. Polonikov Analysis of association study between polymorphic variants of genes encoding matrix metalloproteinases types 1 and 2 and the risk of ischemic stroke: pilot study in the central Russia population Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
D.D. Siukaeva, I.A.Narkevich, O.D. Nemyatych, I.I. Basakina Analysis of hospital purchases of antimicrobial drugs in the framework of the pharmaceutical market the North-Western Federal District Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
I.A. Dzhanybekova Analysis of value of blood-brain barrier of acute lymphoblastic leukemia and neuroleukemia Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
V.F. Kulikovsky, Y.A. Khoschenko, T.A. Nachetova, A.V. Nagorny Analysis of the results of primary accreditation of the graduates in the field of general medicine in the center of simulation training and assessment of professional skills of Belgorod National Research Universit Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
T.А. Oleynikova, A.А. Titova ANALYSIS ANTITHROMBOTIC THERAPY OF CEREBRAL INFARCTION Volume 41, №1 Medicine. Pharmacy
Yu.I. Zhuravlev, O.G. Atayev, A.A. Krasnovskiy, V.N. Tkhorikova Analysis of the structure of hospital mortality of patients with polymorbid pathology Volume 40, №26 Medicine. Pharmacy
L.I. Kachybekova Analytical review of the normative legal basis regulating the activity of the system medical - social expertise of Kyrgyzstan Volume 41, № 3 Medicine. Pharmacy
I.A. Belenova, O.A. Kudryavtsev, O.A. Azarova, I.S. Belenov ANALYTICAL COMPARISON OF LIGHT-INDUCING DEVICES FOR CURING SEALS OF PHOTOCOMPOSITE Volume 42, № 1 Medicine. Pharmacy

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