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S.Y. Karpenko, O.P. Shevchuk Semantic features of colour perception in chinese and english on the example of white, black and red colours Volume 38, № 4 Humanities
Ch.I. Nizamova, S.G. Dobrotvorskaya Analysis and improvement of definition and classification groups of pedagogical conditions Volume 38, № 4 Humanities
O.N. Prokhorova, O.N. Polshchikova, A.K. Polshchikova Differentiation of infocommunication terms by thematic groups Volume 38, № 4 Humanities
N.S. Dankova, T.V. Dubrovskaya Axiology of genres in professional communities on the internet Volume 38, № 4 Humanities
A.V. Polonskiy, V.G. Glushkova Society requests in education: teacher’s professional pedagogical culture of the modern russian institution of higher education Volume 38, № 4 Humanities
A.V. Vostryakova, N.I. Lavrinova, K.A. Medvedkina, V.A. Kuchmisty Оn the issue of the grammaticalization of ichoative copula verbs (on the material of the verb get in modern english) Volume 38, № 4 Humanities
D.I. Kaminchenko Fragmentation of the modern agenda: Analysis of the texts of the mass media and social media Volume 38, № 4 Humanities
A.N. Zhavoronkova Columnistics of Svetislav Basara as an embodiment of the category of authorship in the serbian journalistic text Volume 38, № 4 Humanities
O.A. Titova, L.P. Sarajeva An Integrated approach to the problem of activization of performing activity of students-sound engineers in the process of learning to play the piano at the University of arts and culture Volume 38, № 4 Humanities
S.A. Kalinina Conceptual integration in the English advertising discourse (by the example of theatre concept) Volume 38, № 4 Humanities

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