Analysis of the structure of hospital mortality of patients with polymorbid pathology

Author(s):  Yu.I. Zhuravlev, Belgorod National Research University, Belgorod, Russia,

O.G. Atayev, Belgorod National Research University, Belgorod, Russia

A.A. Krasnovskiy, Regional State Budget Establishment of Health «Belgorod Pathoanatomical Bureau», Belgorod, Russia

V.N. Tkhorikova, Belgorod National Research University, Belgorod, Russia

Issue:  Volume 40, №26

Rubric:  Preventive Medicine

Annotation:  Particularly, it is important that in provision of primary health care, the majority part of patients have multiple comorbidities – polymorbidity. At this point, the doctor, is experiencing considerable difficulties, when confronted with a wide range of nosology. The probability of polymorbidity is increasesing from aging – from 69% patients from young age , and 93% among middle-aged and up to 98% – in patients of older age group. In this article, the results of the analysis of hospital mortality in patients with polymorbidity pathology, have been treated at the Belgorod Regional Hospital St. Joasaph in 2016. The hospital mortality polymorbidity pathology have observed mainly (77.7%, 77/99) aged 50-79 years. Two-thirds of the dead were men (68.7%, 68/99). The ranking cases of hospital mortality of patients with polymorbidity, the descending number of basic nosological forms had showed that nearly half of the cases (46.4%) had fell on cardiovascular disease, and then is following the group of malignant neoplasms 16.1% and digestive diseases (12.1%). From comorbidity 2 died 11% of patients were the background of type. On the background of comorbidity, the list had closed by the patients with respiratory diseases and septic diseases (4% respectively). In the structure of deaths, the cardiovascular disease are two-thirds had been suffered by ischemic attacks (39.1%, 18/46) and coronary heart disease: myocardial infarction (26.1%, 12/46). The other forms of ischemic heart disease had 32.6% (15/46). Usually, in the age group 50–59 years and older, the hospital mortality from myocardial infarction and other forms of coronary artery disease, in the background of polymorbidity, while in the group died of cerebrovascular events in polymorbidity it in 16.6% of cases were observed in younger age (30–39 and 40–49). The share of men had accounted for two-thirds (67.4%, 31/46) of cases of the hospital mortality from cardiovascular disease, on the background of polymorbidity. The highest in-hospital mortality of patients combined with pathology have been observed in spring and summer (II quarter), and in the summer and autumn months (III quarter, 34.3% and 27.3%, respectively). When cancer pathology on the background of polymorbidity hospital mortality, have closed relationship with age, the increasing starting from 40–49 years, with aging in each age group more than doubled. The Hospital mortality the most common chronic socially conditioned cardiovascular, cancer, respiratory diseases, digestive diseases, the typies of 2 diabetes, occurring against the backdrop of polymorbidity have observed in a multidisciplinary hospital

Keywords:  hospital mortality, polymorbidity, morbidity

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