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I.O. Zhukova, O.P. Lebedeva, O.N. Ivashova, S.P. Pakhomov, M.I. Churnosov CD4+ AND CD8+ T-lymphocytes in endometrium and their role in early stage miscarriages Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
L.V. Rymarova, E.Yu. Klyosova, A.V. Volkova, O.Yu. Bushueva, I.E. Azarova, V.B. Laskov, A.V. Polonikov Analysis of association study between polymorphic variants of genes encoding matrix metalloproteinases types 1 and 2 and the risk of ischemic stroke: pilot study in the central Russia population Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
E.Y Bryksina, V.S. Bryksin, A.V. Pochivalov Infiuence of parameters of artificial pulmonary ventilation and microaspiration of gastric contents on the frequency of development of neonatal pneumonia Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
V.V. Ruzhenkova, V.A. Ruzhenkov, I.Ju. Shkileva, E.V. Sheljakina, Ya.V. Sidyakina, N.M. Naumenko Academic stress affects on the appearance of anxiaty and anxiaty-fobic disorders in first year medical students Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
A.V. Tverskaya, I.N. Verzilina Study of influence of atmospheric pollyutant on incidence of newborns of congenital anomalies of development in the Belgorod Region Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
E.T. Zhilyakova, A.V. Agarina, M.Yu. Novikova., E.Yu. Timoshenko Study of the physicochemical properties of polyvinylpyrrolidone derivatives as thickening agents in ophthalmic solutions Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
E.N. Minina, A.G. Lastovetsky Using of phase graphic illustration of ECG cycles as a diagnostic criteria for changing the myocardium function Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
A.A. Komarova, T.A. Stepanova, A.S. Stepanov The research of the plant adaptogens market of the Far Eastern Federal District in 2013-2017 Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
A.V. Avsiankin Restarch warm-characteristics of deformation hard tissue of teeth and restorations photocomposite Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
V.V. Kolomiyets, N.Y.Kryvonos Tubular transport in kidneys of the patients with essential hypertension in combination with diabetes mellitus type II Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy

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