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N.V. Bitter, E.V. Antuyfeeva Mentoring in the training and professional activities of tourism and advertising specialists Volume 38, № 1 Humanities
M.G. Tymchek Regulatory and legal support for new teachers as a social and pedagogical prob-lem within the education system of the republic Volume 37, № 4 Humanities
V.M. Men’shikov, A.B. Khokhlova About the requirements for teacher training, who is called for spiritual and moral education (on the basis of works by K.D. Ushinsky and st. Theophan the Recluse) Volume 37, № 2 Humanities
E.V. Kovalenko Enriching the experience of social interaction of the future specialist: theoretical aspect Volume 38, № 4 Humanities
E.Y. Petrova Teaching academic writing: challenges and solutions Volume 37, №1 Humanities
E.V. Zelenina Optimization of psychological and pedagogical conditions for developing scientific research competences in translator training (on the example of the discipline “Basic theory of the German language”) Volume 39, № 1 Humanities
I.V. Dobrovolskaya Model realisation experience of personified upbringing system of gymnasium students (on the example of the see "Gymnasium №1 of Novopolotsk") Volume 37, № 3 Humanities
I.A. Shumakova, D.M. Saenko, D.S. Martseva Features of transformation of the NRU "BSU" in the university master's degree post-graduate type Volume 37, №1 Humanities
O.V. Volkova, O.A. Vitokhina, I.I. Lysova Pedagogical questology Volume 38, № 1 Humanities
M.N. Amelina, E.N. Umnova Pedagogical model for forming preprofessional readiness of the school of arts student Volume 37, № 4 Humanities

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