Mentoring in the training and professional activities of tourism and advertising specialists

Author(s):  N.V. Bitter, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Polzunov Altai State Technical University, Barnaul, Russia,

E.V. Antuyfeeva, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Polzunov Altai State Technical University, Barnaul, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 38, № 1

Rubric:  Pedagogics

Annotation:  The article specifics of mentoring in the process of preparing future professionals to professional activities. The aim of this study was to determine the importance of mentoring in higher education, to identify the particular forms and mechanisms of mentoring in specialised spheres of activity (tourism and advertising). As the leading method of investigation used interviews with the heads of advertising and communication agencies and services. The analysis of mentoring in the tourist and commercial enterprises of Barnaul. As a result of research oharaktrizovany modern approaches to mentoring; found a contradiction between the increasing relevance of mentoring in the field of advertising, tourism, service and loss in modern conditions of practice implementation method of mentoring in private enterprises; revealed the attitude of employers to mentor future professionals; Describes the best practices and mentoring process future specialists in tourism and promotional activities for example, Barnaul. Interview results revealed that all of the company respondents had difficulty with the introduction in the production process of new employees. Mostly they are tuning for specific organizational structure and production process of the enterprise. In the employment difficulties of university graduates are also associated with the absence of many of the practical skills. Business leaders are not willing to spend extra resources on the adaptation of young professionals, so these tasks should take on universities. Training issue has been identified that the mentor, which you need when working with young professional information support; methodical literature, specialized trainings, help in mastering the communicative skills with future employees. In this regard, it is necessary to conduct training seminars for the mentors.

Keywords:  mentoring, tourism, advertising, training.

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