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Author Title File Number Issue
V.V. Smeyukha Impact of socio-economic and political factors on the development of domestic women's magazines in 1918 Volume 37, № 4 Humanities
Nguyen Thi Mai Huong Vietnamese children's magazines: the specificity of communication with audience Volume 37, № 4 Humanities
M.A. Mironova Design of the international business publication «Financial times» Volume 37, № 4 Humanities
M.Yu. Strizhyova, L.M. Buzinova, S.I. Ziborov Institutional discourse and cultural tourism: linguocultural correlations Volume 37, № 4 Humanities
Niu Yufeng Fraseological units of colour of the Chinese language characterising people's events Volume 37, № 4 Humanities
I.V. Irkhina, N.A. Koren'kova Marketing activities of a teacher within conditions of innovative educational system Volume 37, № 4 Humanities
M.G. Tymchek Regulatory and legal support for new teachers as a social and pedagogical prob-lem within the education system of the republic Volume 37, № 4 Humanities
A.P. Korochensky The image of revolutionary Catalonia in the publicism of George Orwell (1st article) Volume 37, № 4 Humanities
Li Li, Li Shujin The reflection of national cultural aspects in Chinese and Russian phraseology Volume 37, № 4 Humanities
M.N. Amelina, E.N. Umnova Pedagogical model for forming preprofessional readiness of the school of arts student Volume 37, № 4 Humanities

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