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V.A. Korytkov System of preparation for military service of modern youth in states – NATO members Volume 38, № 1 Humanities
A.M. Amatov, E.V. Bondarenko, E.V. Pupynina US political discourse:metaphors of war and war of metaphors Volume 38, № 1 Humanities
E.N. Mikhaylova Semantic dominant “Man” at french police argot Volume 38, № 1 Humanities
I.B. Akinshina Diagnostics of development of student self-government in the modern high school of Russia and Germany Volume 38, № 1 Humanities
L.N. Rebrina, N.L. Shamne, E.V. Terentyeva Discursive construction local patriotism of past: emotional balance of communicative-textual environmen Volume 38, № 1 Humanities
I.V. Chekulai, O.N. Prokhorova, I.A. Kuprieva The differentiation of the categories “Emotion” and “Evaluation” (on the material of the English word-combinations describing the emotional reactions) Volume 38, № 1 Humanities
E.V. Kobeleva The dualistic image of the American business magnet in the detective artistic discourse and language means of its representation (on the example of Sidney Sheldon's novel “Morning, day, night”) Volume 38, № 1 Humanities
V.L. Kholod, А.V. Kholod Rural area students’ community as a form of mentoring in education Volume 38, № 1 Humanities
E.S. Sipko Use of the "Youtube" platform in the system of modern education of bachelor trains of "Advertising and public relations" training Volume 38, № 1 Humanities
V.Y. Merinov The models of the authoritarian relations in the Old-Russian publicism Volume 38, № 1 Humanities

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