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N.V. Bitter, E.V. Antyufeeva, M. Bayarsaykhan Adaptive training of specialists to modern social and economic activity Volume 37, № 2 Humanities
I.V. Sidorskaya Interaction of structures on public relations and mass-media Volume 37, № 2 Humanities
G. Bulatovich, L. Bulatovich Internal press as a preparation method for journalists and managers at mediasphere Volume 37, № 2 Humanities
N. G. Filimonova, A. V. Markov Expression of causality at the morphological level in modern English Volume 37, № 2 Humanities
L.N. Molchanova, E.D. Korsunova Gender peculiarities of structural organization of attention in children of preschool age Volume 37, № 2 Humanities
N.A. Makaricheva Genderological search of F.M. Dostoyevsky in works before penal servitude period Volume 37, № 2 Humanities
L.V. Zhmurova, A.D. Golmenko Research of specific features of the schoolgirls who are engaged in educational musical and performing activity in the conditions of receiving additional education Volume 37, № 2 Humanities
O.D.Vishnyakova Cognitive-pragmatic functions of metaphor in medical discourse Volume 37, № 2 Humanities
N.N. Malyarchuk, M.V. Plotnikova, E.V. Pashchenko, L.B. Dykhan Teachers' readiness components for educating students of different heterogeneous groups Volume 37, № 2 Humanities
M.A. Srybnaya Critic, curator, meaning in the structure of art-criticism Volume 37, № 2 Humanities

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