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T.Ye. Abramzon, A.V. Petrov A.P. Sumarokov – the publisher of the journal «The industrious bee»: facts and myths (to the 300th anniversary of the birth of the writer) Volume 37, №1 Humanities
T.V. Podolyak Axiological challenges of modernity: media documentation Volume 37, №1 Humanities
L.V. Zhikhareva Virtual death groups: research methodology Volume 37, №1 Humanities
A.A. Kuznetsova Influence of successful for satisfaction by the professional activity of higher school teachers undertaken by administrative activity Volume 37, №1 Humanities
A.V. Platonova, Е.А. Оsipova Integration of Crimean electronic mass media into Russian information space Volume 37, №1 Humanities
Y.I. Proskurina Classification of deviations from the original in the Ivan Franko’s self-translations Volume 37, №1 Humanities
V.V. Boguslavskaya Lingvosococultural subsystem of the system of new literacy Volume 37, №1 Humanities
L.V. Proskurnina Model of the expression of the modus visual perception in the language world view of I.I. Lazhechnikov Volume 37, №1 Humanities
I.V. Boichuk, A.O. Lavrinenko, E.V. Lukyanova, Zh.A. Bubyreva About Romance element in the modern Polish language (linguistic and sociolinguistic aspects) Volume 37, №1 Humanities
E.Y. Petrova Teaching academic writing: challenges and solutions Volume 37, №1 Humanities

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