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N.I. Lubimova The formation of the experience of pedagogical interaction of future teachers of secondary professional education Volume 37, № 2 Humanities
T. V. Sitnikova Tsaritsyno the weekly edition of «Open your eyes» (1909) Volume 37, № 2 Humanities
E.V. Dvodnenko, N.I. Petryaeva, A.S. Kozhevnikova Value motivation as a strong foundation of teaching foreign languages at non-language university Volume 37, № 2 Humanities
S.V. Arkhipov Features of spoken portuguese language in monuments of written language in portuguese from XVI century (on base of works written by F. de Oliveira) Volume 39, № 1 Humanities
E.S. Danilova, Yu.A. Drygina, T.V. Perutskaya Means of contemporary English language in the representation of landscape design trends Volume 37, №1 Humanities
I.I. Karpenko Extreme travel journalism. To the definition of the concept Volume 37, № 3 Humanities
T.A. Diakova Ethnocultural framework for the use of phytonyms from lexical-semantic group «wild grasses» (a case study of M. Matusovsky book of poetry «My fathers’ land ‒ Donbass») Volume 38, № 4 Humanities
N.G. Avetisyan, S.K. Voskanyan Language as a manifestation of cultural norms and social patterns Volume 37, №1 Humanities
I.S. Golubeva Language picture of the world of the modern school school: concepts of “EGE”, “exam” Volume 38, № 4 Humanities
E.A. Tigranyan «Yarovaya package» of anti-terrorist amendments: the reaction of Russian and foreign editions Volume 37, №1 Humanities

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