Features of spoken portuguese language in monuments of written language in portuguese from XVI century (on base of works written by F. de Oliveira)

Author(s):  S.V. Arkhipov, no, no, Moscow State University of Food Production, Moscow, Russia, lusofon@mail.ru

Issue:  Volume 39, № 1

Rubric:  Linguistics

Annotation:  It is known that writing and spoken forms of Portuguese language are not so different. The writing language form was rather studied as in synchrony well as in diachrony. But the spoken language form is not studied in detail. It is relevant particularly to spoken language form from past centuries. The question on mutual influence of both language forms is also not investigated. The infiltration process of colloquial language features into writing language form is of especially interest. The study enables to reconstruct codification process of Portuguese Standard language. The object of this article is to study characteristics of spoken form of Portuguese language in Portuguese-writing texts from 16th century. Sources of this investigation are works written by prominent Portuguese author Fernão de Oliveira: doctrinal texts («Grammar of Portuguese language», treatise on sea war «Sea Warfare», treatise on shipbuilding «Book on Shipbuilding») and brief historical narration about circumnavigation commanded by Fernão de Magalhães «Voyage of Fernão de Magalhães». Author of this article attempts to discover, classify, explain function of Portuguese spoken language features in F. de Oliveira’s works. Analysis of old printed and hand-writing texts of Portuguese author enables to receive consequent results. It was discovered lexical doublets forms (word of literary tradition – word of oral tradition) by general selection method. This doublet forms are typical for contemporary Portuguese language vocabulary. It was determinated function of dialecticism in colloquial language, especially in articulation of vowels and consonants. It was established Standard articulation variants of some words on base Oliveira’s elucidation and by method of pronunciation mode correlation. Received data enable to elucidate formation process of Portuguese orthoepical standard.

Keywords:  F. de Oliveira, Portuguese, spoken and written forms of language.

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