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M.S. Oborin Resort and recreational system of Perm region as an effective mechanism for consumer market development of rural territories of the region Volume 43, № 4 Natural Sciences
Sergey V. Pashkov Landscape and ecological basics of agricultural developmentof the territory of the North Kazakhstan region Volume 43, № 4 Natural Sciences
Alina O. Avvakumova Mathematical modeling of soil erosion factors on agricultural lands (on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan)) Volume 44, № 1 Natural Sciences
V.V. Mozzherin, A.A. Kazhokin, A.Z. Satdarov Method of the Identification, Survey and Description of Human Activity Objects in the Protection Zones of Water Objects Volume 42, № 2 Natural Sciences
Svetlana V. Budnik Long-term changes in the hydraulic characteristics of the Pripyat basins and modern problems of small rivers Volume 44, № 1 Natural Sciences
S.A. Dubrovskaya, S.Yu. Noreyka Long-Term Geoinformation Monitoring of Mining-Technical Landscapes of the Steppe Zone of Russia with Application of the Spectral Index Volume 43, № 1 Natural Sciences
E.A. Vedeneeva Modeling of River Run-off in the Different Landscape Conditions on Plain Part of the European Part of Russia Volume 42, № 4 Natural Sciences
P.S. Lapin Morphogenetic model of development of modern relief in the joining area of the Chuya and Kurai intermountain depressions (Mountain Altai) Volume 43, № 4 Natural Sciences
Y.V. Yudina Morphological and morphometric analysis of landscape structure Belgorod region Volume 43, № 3 Natural Sciences
Z.R. Sheudzhen Necessity of Actualization of Data on boundaries of Populated Areas of the Municipality Takhtamukai Rural Settlement in the United State Register of Real Estate Volume 42, № 3 Natural Sciences

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