Long-term changes in the hydraulic characteristics of the Pripyat basins and modern problems of small rivers

Author(s):  Svetlana V. Budnik, Dr., no, Boris Sreznevsky Central geophysical Observatory, Kiev, Ukraine, senior researcher, leading engineer, svetlana_budnik@ukr.net

Issue:  Volume 44, № 1

Rubric:  Earth sciences

Annotation:  These issues have not lost their relevance, since the provision of the population and the national economy with high-quality and fully-fledged water resources comes to the forefront of any administrative structure of the country. Of particular concern is the drying up and siltation of rivers. Studies based on long-term materials for measuring water discharge at hydrometric gauges of the hydrometeorological service have shown that, in some rivers, the average depth increases, while in others it cyclically fluctuates with a general tendency to decrease, the width of the water flow and the level of water outlet to the floodplain also constantly change. The study showed that under the prevailing climatic conditions, radical measures to regulate the erosion-accumulative processes in the river can not be effective from either an environmental or financial point of view. It is advisable to control the sources of sediment in rivers from catchments and monitor the change in water content of the river itself.

Keywords:  small rivers, water depth, speed of water movement, long-term changes, clearing of river channels, Pripyat river basin.

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