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Ekaterina Yu Ivanova The accumulation of genotoxic compounds some components of the aquatic and coastal ecosystems of the Voronezh reservoir Volume 44, № 1 Natural Sciences
E.V. Ryaplova, B.E. Bondarev, Y.V. Urazova Topical Issues of Management of Land Surveying Works on the Modern Stage Volume 43, № 2 Natural Sciences
T.M. Gubanova, Inna V. Nikonorova Analysis of the effect of the factor «Distance to the Volga river» on the value of real estate with the application of mathematical methods (on the example of the city Cheboksary of Chuvash Republic) Volume 43, № 3 Natural Sciences
A.O. Avvakumova Land-Use Structure Dynamics Analysis Using the Earth Remote Sensing Data Volume 42, № 2 Natural Sciences
L.I. Sevostyanova, E.A. Goncharov, M.A. Anufriev Analysis of Erosion Network on the Territory of the Republic of Mari El Volume 42, № 2 Natural Sciences
L.V. Detocenko Analysis of Touristic Relations of Russia with the Countries of the Post-Soviet Space Volume 42, № 3 Natural Sciences
V.A. Dmitrieva Of Spring Flood in Don River Basin and Their Water Management and Hydroecological Consequences Volume 42, № 2 Natural Sciences
I.S. Nazarov, Vladimir B. Mikhno Anthropogenization of the Korotoyak Don Territory Region and its Landscape-Ecological Consequences Volume 43, № 2 Natural Sciences
S.V. Budnik Anthropogenous influence on silt charge the rivers the Western Bug and Pripyat Volume 42, № 4 Natural Sciences
G.Sh. Valiullina The river valley slope asymmetry on the territory of zakamye in republic tatarstan Volume 41, №25 Natural Sciences

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