Necessity of Actualization of Data on boundaries of Populated Areas of the Municipality Takhtamukai Rural Settlement in the United State Register of Real Estate

Author(s):  Z.R. Sheudzhen, Kuban state agrarian University after I. T. Trubilin, Krasnodar, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 42, № 3

Rubric:  Earth sciences

Annotation:  The article deals with the question of necessity to enter the unified state register of real estate data on boundaries of settlements of the municipality Takhtamukai rural settlement. There were analyzed on conformity the rules of land use and housing of this municipality and general plans of populated areas entering in it. There were revealed the main problems connected with boundaries of populated areas, their conformity to the reality and normative-legal documents of the municipality. There were revealed the main sites, which are located in the boundaries of municipality of Takhtamukai settlement which is among other categories. There were calculated the rates of effectiveness of transit of lands from other categories into populated lands to set the demands of general plans of populated areas. There was concluded that the discrepancy and constant change of documents of territorial planning lead to impossibility of land proper quarter to the definite category of lands, and it leads to improper taxation

Keywords:  general plan, boundaries of populated areas, united state register of real estate, land category, cadastre tax

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