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Author Title File Number Issue
N. G. Filimonova, A. V. Markov Expression of causality at the morphological level in modern English Volume 37, № 2 Humanities
I.I. Karpenko, E.Yu. Lobanovskaya GAMIFICATION IN THE MODERN RUSSIAN INTERNET-JOURNALISM Volume 38, № 2 Humanities
L.N. Molchanova, E.D. Korsunova Gender peculiarities of structural organization of attention in children of preschool age Volume 37, № 2 Humanities
N.A. Makaricheva Genderological search of F.M. Dostoyevsky in works before penal servitude period Volume 37, № 2 Humanities
E.I. Eroshenkova Genesis of formation of prosocial installation of future teachers in the activities of student pedagogical orders Volume 39, № 1 Humanities
I.A. Nagorny Grammatical-communicative functions of the russian particles in the speech sphere Volume 38, № 3 Humanities
I.V. Privalova Deindividualization of messages in the blogosphere Volume 39, № 1 Humanities
Nguyen Thi Mai Huong Vietnamese children's magazines: the specificity of communication with audience Volume 37, № 4 Humanities
I.B. Akinshina Diagnostics of development of student self-government in the modern high school of Russia and Germany Volume 38, № 1 Humanities
I.F. Isaev, M.I. Sitnikova, E.N. Krolevetskaya, D.I. Mikhaylova Diagnostic tools for assessment of the level of college students upbringing Volume 37, № 3 Humanities

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