Diagnostics of development of student self-government in the modern high school of Russia and Germany

Author(s):  I.B. Akinshina, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Belgorod National Research University, Belgorod, Russia, Akinshina@bsu.edu.ru

Issue:  Volume 38, № 1

Rubric:  Pedagogics

Annotation:  In the modern European universities the development of student self-government body activity is of great importance; it is confirmed by the state and social documents. Discharging the governmental obligations, student self-government body represents and defends students’ interests and influences the education policy of the universities. The main goal of the research is to find out how powerful student self-government bodies in the universities of Russia and Germany are. In the process of research, such methods as the study of the regulatory and legal documents of Russian and foreign university student self-government bodies activities, the analysis of the Russian and German researches devoted to student self-government body activity, the study of background of student self-government body are used. The main part presents a discussion of regulatory documents, whence it follows that they define and organize the activities of student self-government body in universities in Russia and Germany. In addition, regulatory and legal documents put forward requirements for the activities of student government body; regulate the interaction of student government with the university governing bodies. The diagnostics of student self-government body development in the modern universities of Russia and Germany showed some common directions of student self-government body policy: in the modern higher education system student self-government body is a real effective sector arranging a university life and influencing the quality of education process as well as modernizing university student life.

Keywords:  diagnostics, student self-government, regulatory and legal documents, the universities of Russia and Germany.

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