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T.M. Nozdracheva Authentic evaluation as an efficient form of identification of the level of the formation of professional competencies of the clothes designer Volume 38, № 3 Humanities
I.A. Nagorny Grammatical-communicative functions of the russian particles in the speech sphere Volume 38, № 3 Humanities
A.G. Mikhneva The dynamics of the students' health state in the process of implementing the technology of organizing a health-saving educational process in the classroom at the university Volume 38, № 3 Humanities
T.I. Retinskaya On the issue of the functioning of regionalism in the media text (on the material of the Ardennes regionolect) Volume 38, № 3 Humanities
O.V. Aleksandrova, A.V. Mikhalcheva To the issue of expressivity of parenthetical insertions in publicistic text Volume 38, № 3 Humanities
M.V. Klimanova Linguistic knowledge as the basic element of linguodidactic discourse (on the material of modern english) Volume 38, № 3 Humanities
A.P. Korochensky The image of revolutionary Catalonia in the publicism of George Orwell (2nd article) Volume 38, № 3 Humanities
V.V. Frolov Image of the USA in interpretation of journalists of the military periodical publication «The chronicle of war with Japan» Volume 38, № 3 Humanities
O.U. Popova Features of content of regional tv channels (on the example of TV company «Noviy Vek», Tambov) Volume 38, № 3 Humanities
S.A. Verbitskaya, S.V. Anokhina Technology of forming the culture of tolerance in educational institutions of secondary vocational and higher education Volume 38, № 3 Humanities

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