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I.O. Zhukova, O.P. Lebedeva, O.N. Ivashova, S.P. Pakhomov, M.I. Churnosov CD4+ AND CD8+ T-lymphocytes in endometrium and their role in early stage miscarriages Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
L.V. Rymarova, E.Yu. Klyosova, A.V. Volkova, O.Yu. Bushueva, I.E. Azarova, V.B. Laskov, A.V. Polonikov Analysis of association study between polymorphic variants of genes encoding matrix metalloproteinases types 1 and 2 and the risk of ischemic stroke: pilot study in the central Russia population Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
I.A. Dzhanybekova Analysis of value of blood-brain barrier of acute lymphoblastic leukemia and neuroleukemia Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
E.O. Isakov, A.O. Abdumomunov, A.T.Kulukeeva Biometric research of adaptive-compensatory changes in the dentoalveolar system with partial loss of teeth Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
Je Shcherban, R.M. Zaslavskaya, S.I. Logvinenko, I.A. Morozova , I.N. Sorokina Variability arterial pressure in meteosensitive patients with arterial hypertension and ischemic heart disease Volume 40, №26 Medicine. Pharmacy
L.V. Shekhovtsova, O.A. Osipova, A.I. Golovin, K.G. Plaksina, A.A. Dolzhikov Influence of methods of pharmacotherapy in myocardial remodeling of the left ventricle in patients with acute myocardial infarction after reperfusion in the prevention of the formation of CHF (review of literature) Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
E.Y Bryksina, V.S. Bryksin, A.V. Pochivalov Infiuence of parameters of artificial pulmonary ventilation and microaspiration of gastric contents on the frequency of development of neonatal pneumonia Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
V.I. Vishnevsky, I.I. Mironenko, O.V. Demyanenko The effect of thiotriazoline on the state of cellular and humoral immunity in patients with community-acquired pneumonia Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
A.V. Vinnitskiy, D.A. Vinnitskiy Visual functions after cataract surgery with implantation of different types of intraocular lenses Volume 40, №26 Medicine. Pharmacy
L.B. Petrosyan, A.V. Tsimbalistov, T.A. Lopushanskaya, M.Y. Malakhova The intoxication syndrome in dental patients and its verification Volume 41, № 3 Medicine. Pharmacy

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