Analysis of Touristic Relations of Russia with the Countries of the Post-Soviet Space

Author(s):  L.V. Detocenko, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Volgograd State Social Pedagogical University, Volgograd, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 42, № 3

Rubric:  Earth sciences

Annotation:  The peculiarities of the formation of the tourist geo-economic space of Russia and the post-Soviet countries are considered, the features of the development of tourist relations between the states, their growth and geography in the modern period are analyzed. The possibilities of forming an international outbound and inbound tourism between Russia and the post-Soviet states are studied according to various statistical methods: Federal State Statistic Service, whose tourism data are incorrect, and the Border Guard Service, which presents data that are more real. The insignificant role in the international tourism of Russia of the countries of the former USSR is shown. Relatively large flows of tourists are formed only between Russia and the countries of Transcaucasia and the Baltic States. Factors favoring and hindering the visit by Russian tourists of the post-Soviet countries and tourists from the countries of the Near Abroad of Russia are presented. A conclusion is made about the greater prospects for the development of outbound tourism for Russians in the post-Soviet countries in comparison with the inbound one, grouping of the states under consideration is proposed for their prospects as receiving countries for tourists from Russia.

Keywords:  international outbound tourism, inbound tourism, countries of the post-Soviet space, tourist relations

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