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G.Sh. Valiullina The river valley slope asymmetry on the territory of zakamye in republic tatarstan Volume 41, №25 Natural Sciences
V.A. Vlаsеnkо, A.V. Vlаsеnkо Aphyllophoroid fungi of nature sanctuary of «berdskie skaly» (novosibirsk region) in the piedmont areas of salair ridge Volume 41, №25 Natural Sciences
V.D. Byhanov, A.M. Litvinov, A.A. Shaposhnikov, V.F. Pavlov, T.S. Shevchenko, U.V. Koltok, M.O. Mihaylyukova, A.I. Vesentsev Influence of the earthing on the microbial growth Volume 41, №25 Natural Sciences
Zh.A. Borodaeva, S.A. Muratova, S.V. Kulko , L.A. Tokhtar Influence of various sources of carbohydrate nutrition on rhizogenesis of microcrops of berry crops under the in vitro conditions Volume 41, №25 Natural Sciences
O.I. Venediktova, O.G. Rogovaya, I.U. Tikhomirova The influence of physico-chemical properties of sediments on the sorption capacity on the example of reservoirs of the leningrad region Volume 41, №25 Natural Sciences
V.А. Melnik The age features of body length and body segments in school children with different somatotypes Volume 41, №25 Natural Sciences
N.S. Kukharuk, L.G. Smirnova , A.G. Narozhnyaya, Y.G. Chendev , G.P. Glazunov Dynamics of soil moisture conservation areas of forest-steppe on the background of interdecadal climate variability Volume 41, №25 Natural Sciences
Pham Thanh Minh, O.E. Lebedeva Kinetics and thermodynamics study of brilliant green adsorption on magnetic composite Volume 41, №25 Natural Sciences
S.R. Gzogyan Research on the consolidation of submicron particles of quartz on the surface of ore minerals jaspilites Volume 41, №25 Natural Sciences
B.S. Heritoncev The characteristics of the forest vegetation of the south of West Siberian Plain Volume 41, №25 Natural Sciences

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