The river valley slope asymmetry on the territory of zakamye in republic tatarstan

Author(s):  G.Sh. Valiullina, candidate of Sciences, Naberezhnye Chelny State Pedagogical University, Naberezhny Chelny, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 41, №25

Rubric:  Earth sciences

Annotation:  Sedimentation on the slopes demonstrates their longtime development history accounting for as a result the specific morphological features of the slopes which have always been the object of the scrutiny by the researchers. Among those features the river valley slope asymmetry is highlighted. A river valley slope asymmetry or valley asymmetry is the unequal steepness and configuration of the river valley slopes being evident within a major area. We had two objectives: first was to assess structural and geological factors in asymmetry developing, second was to identify the link between the tributary order and A-rate of the river system. The assessment of the structural and geological factors was implemented by collating A-values in stream valleys from various orography and hydrography areas. To separate them structural and geological differentiation of Zakamye region played a decisive role. Conclusions on the objectives solved. The close rates of A-rates within the West and East Zakamye are mainly due to the slight scope of the vertical deposition of the territory and the wide developing of the sedimentary rocks from the late Pliocene, which are homogeneous in composition and structure. The range and nature of the exogene slope processes made by the same rocks are not obviously different. That is why we cannot examine the extreme variety of the differently exposed slopes in terms of morphology and morphometry. The period of asymmetry formation within this region started a bit later than that of in the Central Zakamye. Contemporary aquatic webs of the Central Zakamye inherits the contour of “predkinelsky” breakdown being eastward for some distance. Thus valley asymmetry in the Central Zakamye started developing from the very beginning of the river web, in fact since the early Pliocene and therefore became more distinctively exposed. A-rate definitely depends on the tribute order. It rises according to the increasing of the tribute order.

Keywords:  рleistocene periglacial, perigiacial relief formation, slope processes, slope asymmetry, asymmetry coefficient.

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