Anthropogenous influence on silt charge the rivers the Western Bug and Pripyat

Author(s):  S.V. Budnik, Dr., Institute of water problems and land improvements of National academy of agrarian sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 42, № 4

Rubric:  Earth sciences

Annotation:  In work features of a course in time of a runoff of water and silt charge the rivers of pools of the Western Bug and Pripyat are considered. While the superficial runoff in investigated territory has various directions of a course in time the course silt charge waters in time on all rivers of region decreases, since 1960–70 years XX of century. As the course silt charge obviously is not accompanied by features of change in time of atmospheric precipitation and a runoff of water, positive influence of economic activities is supposed. The increase in the area covered by a forest conducts to reduction silt charge, reduction of the areas under agricultural crops – also. The increase in crop rotations cultivated crops cultures (a sugar beet) more than on 5 % leads to increase silt charge, etc. The basic anthropogenous influence on a runoff of sedimentations in the rivers of considered territory agricultural activity and forestal renders actions. Considering all above told on a background of change of a climate of territory it is possible to expect strengthening of erosive processes in tops investigated territory and on Slovechansko-Ovruchskiy a range, that actually and it is.

Keywords:  silt charge, a runoff, change in time, percent of saturation of crop rotations agricultural cultures, the area covered by a forest.

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