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V.F. Kulikovsky, Y.A. Khoschenko, T.A. Nachetova, A.V. Nagorny Analysis of the results of primary accreditation of the graduates in the field of general medicine in the center of simulation training and assessment of professional skills of Belgorod National Research Universit Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
Yu.I. Zhuravlev, O.G. Atayev, A.A. Krasnovskiy, V.N. Tkhorikova Analysis of the structure of hospital mortality of patients with polymorbid pathology Volume 40, №26 Medicine. Pharmacy
L.I. Kachybekova Analytical review of the normative legal basis regulating the activity of the system medical - social expertise of Kyrgyzstan Volume 41, № 3 Medicine. Pharmacy
A.S. Barinova, A.V. Nalyotov, S.V. Nalyotov The impact of communication doctor – patient's parents on the level of parental compliance in the treatment of children with chronic gastroduodenal pathology associated with Helicobacter pylori Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
V.V. Ruzhenkova, V.A. Ruzhenkov, I.Ju. Shkileva, E.V. Sheljakina, Ya.V. Sidyakina, N.M. Naumenko Academic stress affects on the appearance of anxiaty and anxiaty-fobic disorders in first year medical students Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
L.A. Kamyshnikova, V.I. Fetisova, A.S. Ilchenko, M.A., Gayvoronskaya, O.D. Starodubov, O.A. Bolhovitina Opportunities rehabilitation activities in patients with chronic heart failure in conditions of polyclinic Volume 40, №26 Medicine. Pharmacy
L.V. Shevchenko, S.G. Pakhlevanyan, Yu.I. Zhuravlev Purulent-inflammatory diseases of the maximum-face region in patients with polymorbid conditions - multidisciplinary problem (review of literature) Volume 41, № 3 Medicine. Pharmacy
A.V. Tverskaya, I.N. Verzilina Study of influence of atmospheric pollyutant on incidence of newborns of congenital anomalies of development in the Belgorod Region Volume 41, №2 Medicine. Pharmacy
T.A. Usanova, I.N. Shelpakova Quality of life at the patients between the ages of 18 and 50 with ischemic stroke Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy
A.G. Lastovetsky, V.I. Timoshilov Complex evaluation of the effect of prevention of sexually transmitted infections among young people of Kursk Region Volume 41, № 4 Medicine. Pharmacy

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