Features of content of regional tv channels (on the example of TV company «Noviy Vek», Tambov)

Author(s):  O.U. Popova, Tambov State University name G.R. Derzhavin, Tambov, Russia, Kseniya2021@yandex.ru

Issue:  Volume 38, № 3

Rubric:  Journalism and public relations

Annotation:  The current stage of media development gives grounds for considering the television to be one of the most complicated cultural phenomenon. It doesn`t lean back, even taking into account the development of the internet, and still plays an important role in shaping informational space of any region. The television influences the general population, forms the world outlook and appears to be a source of information about life of a specific area, most accurately indicates the interests and preferences of the population, encourages citizens to take part in life of their city or district, performs the critical orienting function. Thence it is so important to observe the role of the local television in social, political and cultural life of the provinces. The article analyzes the content profile of one of the main Tambov Region TV-channels. The features of the "Noviy Vek" regional TV channel content formation are considered. By this example, the positive and negative factors which affect the present processes in the sphere of the regional journalism are identified, the regional television development tendencies in the period of the last twenty years are noted. The present analysis is a part of a complex picture of development of the regional television as an element of socio-cultural life of an individual territory. Milestones in the development of this type of the Tambov region mass-media are indicated. The article makes the conclusion about the public importance of the local media

Keywords:  socio-cultural role, regional television, Tambov TV journalism, TV program, “governor's” channel

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