System of preparation for military service of modern youth in states – NATO members

Author(s):  V.A. Korytkov, candidate of Sciences, Military unit 71592, Ekaterinburg, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 38, № 1

Rubric:  Pedagogics

Annotation:  The article analyzes the process of preparation for military service of the youth of the leading NATO member States: the UK, the USA and Germany. The article shows the difficulties with the manning of the armed forces, experienced in a number of these States, associated with the state of health, low intellectual level, poor physical training of recruits, unwillingness of young people to serve in the army. The system of non-military training of citizens for military service, its features in the leading NATO member States, allowing to adapt the youth of these countries to military service is revealed. The basis of the modern system of non-military training in the UK are voluntary military youth organizations of schools and colleges united in the army cadet corps, cadet corps of aviation training and naval corps. In the United States adaptation to military service is carried out through the realization of the Federal program of training officers in Junior Reserve Officers (Training Corps) – by creating classes in schools with the programs of the JROTS of the Army, the Air force and the Navy. The content of non-military training of young people for military service in these countries is shown.

Keywords:  military training for civilians, extra-military training, recruits, initial military training.

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