Using of phase graphic illustration of ECG cycles as a diagnostic criteria for changing the myocardium function

Author(s):  E.N. Minina, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Crimean Federal Universitynamed after V. Vernadsky, Simferopol, Russia,

A.G. Lastovetsky, Dr., Prof., Research Institute of organization and informatization of Health Ministry of Health, Moscow, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 41, №2

Rubric:  Clinical Medicine

Annotation:  The analysis of electrocardiograms with the help of geometric methods of modeling in the phase space of coordinates and pattern recognition allows qualitative characteristics of the process redirect into a quanti-tative indicator for the purpose of more informative state of the cardiovascular system's assessment. The purpose of this article was to consider the practical use of a graphic illustration of the structure of a bi-osignal obtained by converting a single-channel ECG in the phase space in solving diagnostic problems of a preventive and clinical orientation. The parameters of the phase graphic illustration were analyzed: the spread of the phase diagrams (σ, units), the symmetry of the phase diagram corresponding to the T wave of the single-channel ECG (units),the angle of inclination (α, unit), the risk of myocardial dysfunction was assessed by the combination of signs of phase graphic illustration in points. Factor analysis showed that the morpho-functional indicators obtained using ultrasound in the group with cardiac pathologies ac-counted for two leading factors characterizing the state of cardiohemodynamics. And allowed to detect changes that are not differentiated in a 12-channel electrocardiograph

Keywords:  phase graphic illustration, single-channel ECG, functioning of the myocardium

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