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E.V. Litovchenko Episode from the life of gallo-roman society in V cent. (sidonius Apollinaris’ letter to Montius, 461 a.d.) Volume 43, №15 History. Politology
I.T. Shatohin, M.L. Radchenko Epistolary heritage of Victor von Wahl Volume 45, № 4 History. Politology
V.N. Darenskaya Aesthetic categories of traditional folks culture Volume 43, № 2 Philosophy. Sociology. Law
Е.V. Arskaya, L.H. Kravchenko, L.V.Usatova Stages of emergence and development of free economic zones Volume 45, № 3 Economics. Computer Science
I.I. Bulychev, Yu.A. Ivanov The ethics of persecutors: the provincial socium and anti-church practice (1918–1941) Volume 43, № 3 Philosophy. Sociology. Law
T.A. Diakova Ethnocultural framework for the use of phytonyms from lexical-semantic group «wild grasses» (a case study of M. Matusovsky book of poetry «My fathers’ land ‒ Donbass») Volume 38, № 4 Humanities
A.N. Ratnikov, S.P. Arysheva, D.G. Sviridenko, G.I. Popova, K.V. Petrov, L.I. Ratnikova The Effectiveness of Rehabilitation Measures on Radioacively Contaminated Soddy-Podzolic Soils of Nonchernozem Zone of Russian Federation Volume 42, № 3 Natural Sciences
O.Yu. Kosova Legal formula of marriage in russian law Volume 42, №24 Philosophy. Sociology. Law
N.G. Avetisyan, S.K. Voskanyan Language as a manifestation of cultural norms and social patterns Volume 37, №1 Humanities
I.S. Golubeva Language picture of the world of the modern school school: concepts of “EGE”, “exam” Volume 38, № 4 Humanities

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