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S.O. Lebedeva, I.U. Lyasina, R.V. Sokolov Features of the elektorate of the leading political partiescontemporary Russia Volume 37, №1 History. Politology
Yu.V. Rodovich Relations between the FRG and the USA in 2009–2018 and their influence on international relations Volume 45, № 4 History. Politology
D.A. Tarasova, K.V. Bogdanov Assessment of regional leadership potential of Mexico in Latin America Volume 47, № 1 History. Politology
V.V. Gilmanov Party models of recruitment of ruling elites and leaders Volume 44, №22 History. Politology
O.V.Malakhova, O.A. Tikhomirova Enhancing the effectiveness of the public civil service on the basis of expert maintenance system formation Volume 45, № 3 History. Politology
L.J. Medovkina The policy of the president of the Russian federation B.N. Yeltsin in the field of information security Volume 46, № 1 History. Politology
Yu.A. Belevsky, A.P Fisun Political and legal mechanisms of interaction of state institutions, civil and information society in the Russian Federation Volume 45, № 3 History. Politology
L.S. Polovneva Political stability of Belgorod region as the main factor of establishment of new insti-tutions of development in the region Volume 45, №2 History. Politology
D.A. Koryakov Mediation of Venice in Serbian-Bosnian relations in the middle of the 14th cent. A.D Volume 45, № 3 History. Politology
I.S. Savin, F.H. Rahmonov The problem of delimitating the Caspian area against the background of its undetermined Volume 44, №22 History. Politology

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