Political stability of Belgorod region as the main factor of establishment of new insti-tutions of development in the region

Author(s):  L.S. Polovneva , Belgorod National Research University, Belgorod, Russia, LPolovneva@bsu.edu.ru

Issue:  Volume 45, №2

Rubric:  Topical issues of political science

Annotation:  This article analyses political stability of Belgorod region as the main factor of establishment of new institu-tions of development in the region. The author describes the political stability as the steady state of the re-gion allowing it to function and develop effectively in the environment of inner and outer impact but still preserving its structure and the main qualitative parameters. The article concludes that political stability of the region appears in the ability of the local authority to control and regulate the inner social and political situation by means of the present political system and material resources which it has in its disposition and to determine its course towards the federal centre and other regions of the federation. The solution of the most social and political tasks in Belgorod region is connected with the active participation of the institutes of development because the quality and adequacy of the institutional environment define the directions, forms, conditions and possibility of different social and political processes of modernization. The article tells about the features and kinds of institutions of development. The author analyses the aims, goals and main directions of activity of such institutions of development of Belgorod region as Joint-Stock Company «Corporation «Development», Innovative Centre «Biryuch», industrial park «Severniy»

Keywords:  political stability, region, regional institutions of development, strategy of social and eco-nomic development, priorities of regional development, political regime, corporation of innovative development, social funds

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