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Yury R. Arkhipov, Inna V. Nikonorova, Nikolay A. Kazakov, Natalia G. Karaganova On change of calculation of time in the region of European Russia (on the example of the Chuvash Republic) Volume 44, № 1 Natural Sciences
A.Z. Mindubaev, E.V. Babynin, K.R. Khayarov, E.K. Badeeva, S.T. Minzanova, L.G. Mironova, Ya.A. Akosah Rational for the Method of Biological Purification of Environments Contaminated with White Phosphorus Volume 43, № 1 Natural Sciences
V.A. Hrisanov, S.N. Kolmykov, M.Yu. Polushkin Exacerbation of ecological-geomorphological situations as a result of movement on slopes of soils with modern natural processes and various kinds of anthropogenic activity on the territory of the belgorod region Volume 41, №25 Natural Sciences
O.M. Sablina, Y.G. Chendev Ravine Network Research Practice Using Multi-Temporal Plane Surveying Volume 42, № 4 Natural Sciences
L.N. Gileva Organization of Rational Use of Reindeer Pastures With the Use of Optimization models Volume 42, № 3 Natural Sciences
S.R. Gzogyan, T.N. Gzogyan Material Composition of Rich Iron Ore Deposits of KMA Volume 42, № 2 Natural Sciences
Viktor V. Zanozin, Aleksandr N. Barmin Morphological features of the central part of the Volga delta landscape Volume 44, № 1 Natural Sciences
Zh.A. Buryak, E.A. Terekhin Assessment agroclimatic potential of the south of the Central Russian upland (the case of the Belgorod region) Volume 43, № 3 Natural Sciences
Nguyen Thanh Hung, I.I. Kosinova Evaluation of the adsorption properties of topsoils of Dong Nai province (Vietnam) Volume 43, № 4 Natural Sciences
D.A. Shapovalov, P.V. Koroleva, E.A. Dolinina, D.I. Rukhovich Assessmentof Waterloggingonthe Changeof Typesof Land Useof Arable Landof The Tambov Regionin 1968–2018 by Methodsof Retrospective Monitoringofthe Soil-landcover Volume 42, № 3 Natural Sciences

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