Design of the international business publication «Financial times»

Author(s):  M.A. Mironova, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Smolensk State University, Smolensk, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 37, № 4

Rubric:  Journalism and public relations

Annotation:  The subject of this study was the design of the international business publication Financial Times. In the era of clip thinking and saturated information flows, the adaptation of the design of periodicals to the psychological characteristics of the audience becomes actual. An important role is acquired by the visualization of content and readability. Foreign business publications in this regard follow the trends of world design. In the interface of business publications today, there are flat design elements with its minimalism, easy-to-read text, discreet use of color, which makes the design of a periodical simple and easy to read. The main thing for online media today is to focus the attention of readers on the main information. Business publications also follow this trend. This is manifested in a thought-out layout of the publication: the alternation of visual and textual elements, the influence of white space on the site, compliance with compositional principles and trends of intuitive design. Many readers, as studies show, pay attention only to the first screens of the site page. In this regard, some business publications reduce the length of scrolling pages and vary the intensity of content. Color background and graphic elements are applied in accordance with the carefully developed corporate style of the publication. One of the indicators of the success of a business Internet publication is the number of users involved. Design in this regard seeks to adapt to the needs of the audience and their reading habits. In addition to the main site, news applications for smartphones are used and advertised. They allow you to quickly track the agenda, set up a personalized subscription to the news of the business media. As practice shows, such applications are in demand by the audience, since the majority of users read the news on their mobile phones.

Keywords:  design of a business online publication, «Financial Times», business publication interface, web design, intuitive design, flat design, audience involvement.

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