Diagnostics and treatment and prevention measures upon faults in structural and functional acid endurance of enamel and dental caries n pregnant women with endocrine pathologies (diabetes mellituce)

Author(s):  E.I. Alexandrov, candidate of Sciences, no, State educational institution of higher education Donetsk National Medical Unirversity name M. Gorky, Donetsk, Alexandrov.Evgeny7@yandex.ru

Issue:  Volume 42, № 3

Rubric:  Stomatology

Annotation:  One of the fields of modern dentistry is prevention and treatment of dental diseases in groups of people at higher risk, one of which is pregnant women. Pregnancy results in various types of complex adaptive and protective changes in the endocrine, cardiovascular, nervous and other systems of the body, that leads to deterioration in dental and periodontal health. These changes are further aggravated and become more aggressive in case of pregnancy affected by any pre-existing systemic disease. Disorders occurring in dia-betes mellitus result in abnormal pregnancy, substantial deterioration of enamel condition, fast developing and complicated caries. At the moment, the high prevalence and multiple complications related to dental caries in diabetic pregnancy remain an open problem in dentistry and necessitate development and intro-duction of new and effective methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of this pathology into clini-cal practice of dental practitioners. A study has been carried by the author to improve diagnostic methods and treatment and preventive measures upon faults in structural and functional acid endurance of enamel and dental caries in diabetic pregnant women. The study revealed deterioration of tooth health, the high prevalence of caries and decay of calcium and phosphorus content in saliva of diabetic pregnant women in comparison with non-diabetics pregnant women. Sufficient efficacy of the drug on the basis of mineral complex (Calcide Magnesium) has been confirmed.

Keywords:  pregnant women, diabetes mellitus, enamel, caries, prevention

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