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I.I. Karpenko Extreme travel journalism. To the definition of the concept Volume 37, № 3 Humanities
A.V. Rimskiy, N.A. Ryazanova Extremism and violence in the practices of «color coups»: «sacred sacrifice» and «state of emergency» Volume 44, № 4 Philosophy. Sociology. Law
N.A. Zhukova, I.A. Yaroshchuk Extremism: concept and genesis in the context of international legal science Volume 45, № 1 Philosophy. Sociology. Law
V.K. Leontiev, A.V. Tsimbalistov, V.A. Borozentseva, N.S. Mishina, V.Yu. Borozentsev Electrical conductivity of enamel of intact teeth and edge permeability of fillings in the treatment of caries Volume 42, № 3 Medicine. Pharmacy
A.V. Shutov Elementary proof of the estimation of the sum of fractional parts Volume 50, № 4 Mathematics. Physics
V.N. Bubenchikova, E.A. Nikitin ELEMENTAL AND FATTY ACID COMPOSITION OF CAMPANULA ROTUNDIFOLIA L. Volume 41, №1 Medicine. Pharmacy
V.Ya. Yatsyuk, O.A. Eletskaya Element composition of some types raw materials of Aesculus hippocastanum l. Volume 40, №26 Medicine. Pharmacy
A.V. Khazina, D.A. Stroganov Hellenism. Experiencing the mental identification Volume 38, №8 History. Politology
А.V. Gabov, E.E. Tonkov , S.V. Tychinin, L.D. Turshuk Energy law: models and trends of development (review of reports of the International scientific and practical conference) Volume 45, № 1 Philosophy. Sociology. Law
D.O. Zamulin, N.M. Agarkov, I.S. Gontareva, Ya.V. Glagoleva, K.F. Makkonen, B.D. Zhidkih, I.V. Kolomiets, M.O. Mishunin EPIDEMIOLOGY AND DIAGNOSIS OF CHRONIC PERIODONTITIS IN CHILDREN Volume 41, №1 Medicine. Pharmacy

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