Extremism: concept and genesis in the context of international legal science

Author(s):  N.A. Zhukova, Belgorod State University, Belgorod, Russia, zhukova_n@bsu.edu.ru

I.A. Yaroshchuk, Belgorod State University, Belgorod, Russia, yaroshchuk@bsu.edu.r

Issue:  Volume 45, № 1

Rubric:  Actual Problems of Legal Regulation

Annotation:  The article considers one of the most complex and ambiguous social and legal phenomena - extremism. Within the framework of international legal science, researchers focus on the study of this phenomenon. This is due to the fact that there is an increase in national, political and religious contradictions both in individual States and in the international arena. At the same time, the problem of extremism itself remains far from clarified, as there is no clear understanding and interpretation of this social and legal phenome-non in the scientific literature, there are a number of differences in the essential definition of extremism presented in international legal sources, as well as an understanding of extremism in the light of separate national legislation has its own national specificity, due to the peculiarities of the historical, social, politi-cal and economic development of the State. Therefore, in the modern world, in the absence of a clear def-inition of "extremism", not many States advocate the unification of approaches to the phenomenon under study, based on universally recognized principles and norms of international law.

Keywords:  extremism, radicalism, deviance, international law, international legal acts, national and polit-ical contradictions.

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