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S.V. Blazhevich, R.A. Zagorodnyuk, D.N. Efimtceva, A.V. Noskov Spectral angular density of PXR and DTR in a single crystal under condition of multiple scattering Volume 50, № 4 Mathematics. Physics
E.E. Maiorov, M.S. Turovskaya, A.N. Litvinenko, T.A. Chernyak, A.V. Dagaev, E.A. Pisareva Method to minimize the influence of speckle-modulation in the measurement results of interferometer operating in trigger mode Volume 50, № 2 Mathematics. Physics
A.T. Kuznetsov Analysis method errors, that occur when measuring the coefficient of mutual diffusion of gases, at the initial time the method open at one end of the capillary Volume 50, № 3 Mathematics. Physics
V.I. Vanko, N.K. Kosakyan Comparative analysis of some direct methods for solving problems in mathematical physics Volume 50, № 2 Mathematics. Physics
Ali Abdulameer Tawfeeq Al-Ani Statistical approach at determining ofthe yield stressof solid porous materials Volume 50, № 2 Mathematics. Physics
A. P .Soldatov, O.A. Tarsova On a representation of a general solution of second order elliptic 2×2 - systems on the plane Volume 50, № 2 Mathematics. Physics
E.A. Valetova, D.A. Kolesnikov, S.I. Kucheev Adsorption and reorientation of nematic on nano-dimensional carbon film induced by vapor of organic solvents Volume 50, №1 Mathematics. Physics
S.V. Blazhevich, T.G. Kuzmicheva Analysis, prognozirovanie properties, selection of optimal process parameters for producing nanoparticles of ferrite materials Volume 49, №27 Mathematics. Physics
A.V. Glushak A priori estimate of the solution of the dirichlet problem for one class of high order degenerating elliptic equation containing various weight functions Volume 50, №1 Mathematics. Physics
N.B. Uskova Asymptotic of eigenvalues of scalar differential operator with an involution Volume 49, №27 Mathematics. Physics

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