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N.V. Ostroukhova Peculiarities of the legal regulation of the state-church relations in the USSR (1953–1963) Volume 47, № 1 History. Politology
S.P. Shapovalova, I.V. Istomina Pre-marital relations in the peasant youth milieu in the second half of XIX – early XX cent. As reflected in folk chastushkas Volume 37, №1 History. Politology
O.A. Knyazeva The paradigm of national education 90s of XX century Volume 45, № 4 History. Politology
A.V. Melnikov The initial historical-geographical representation of the old Russian bookmen about the countries and peoples of the west according to the «Tale of bygone years» Volume 45, № 3 History. Politology
V.V. Stepkin Cave digging of XVII–XIX-th centuries in the area of central Russian Belogorye: an attampt of folkloric Russian utopia implementation Volume 45, № 3 History. Politology
N.R. Slavnitsky Escapes of exiles from the Northern provinces in the late 1870s and early 1880s Volume 45, № 4 History. Politology
L.I.Vavulinskaja The daily life of the population in the second half of the 1940s - 1950s (by the memories of residents of Karelia) Volume 46, № 4 History. Politology
M.A. Sergienko, I.G. Onoprienko Everyday practices of members of the city public administration of the Russian Empire in late XIX-th – early Volume 44, №22 History. Politology
M.B. Krapiventseva Training personnel for the Tula weapon factory in the 20s of the XX-th century: historiography of the problem in the regional aspect Volume 46, № 4 History. Politology
I.A. Demina Political activity of Yakutia peasantry in the latest years of the Civil war (1921–1923) Volume 45, №2 History. Politology

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