Pre-marital relations in the peasant youth milieu in the second half of XIX – early XX cent. As reflected in folk chastushkas

Author(s):  S.P. Shapovalova, Belgorod National Research University, Belgorod, Russia,

I.V. Istomina, Belgorod National Research University, Belgorod, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 37, №1

Rubric:  Topical issues of russian history

Annotation:  Chastushki, as well as other smaller folklore forms, are rarely used as sources in historical studies. The article deals with folklore chastushkas which reflect pre-marital relations in a Russian village. These chastushkas comprise an important source on the study of every-day life related to pre-marital time of the youth. These sources highlight the problems of gender relations among adolescents. The study of chastushkas might be especially valuable for analyzing socio-psychological processes in a Russian village

Keywords:  pre-marital relations, folk chastushkas, peasantry

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