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Zhanna V. Atutova, Post-agrarian transformation of geosystems of the Tunkinskaya depression (Republic of Buryatia) Volume 43, № 3 Natural Sciences
V.G. Margaryan, E.R. Durgaryan Prerequisites for the formation of a tourism cluster (on the example of the Sisian region of the Republic of Armenia) Volume 43, № 3 Natural Sciences
Anna V. Osennaya, Irina S. Gribkova, Bela A. Khakhuk, Tatyana A. Batskikh, Kseniya V. Voronova Application of geoinformation systems when carrying out the cadastral assessment of real estate objects in the Russian Federation Volume 44, № 1 Natural Sciences
E.A. Storozhenko, A.G. Kornilov, S.N. Marynych Spatial Dynamics of Nitrogen Pollution of Small Rivers of Belgorod Volume 42, № 3 Natural Sciences
Andrey A. Blackburn, Andrey L. Zolotoy Spatial structure of steppe and forest-covered areas in the Shakhtersk district of the Donetsk People's Republic Volume 44, № 1 Natural Sciences
I.S. Kapustina, N.V. Kuzmenkova THE 137Cs DISTRIBUTION IN SERPUKHOV SOILS SURFACE HORIZON (MOSCOW REGION) Volume 42, №1 Natural Sciences
E.A. Likhacheva, L.A. Nekrasova, I.V. Chesnokova Resources Focused Cities in Permafrost Zone (Ecological and geomorphological challenges and solutions) Volume 42, № 4 Natural Sciences
Vladimir B. Mikhno, Ol'ga P. Bykovskaya, Anatoliy S Gorbuno Regional features of lithological genesis of landscapes of the Central Chernozems region Volume 44, № 1 Natural Sciences
R.A. Kovalev Speed of the underground chemical denudation and activity of Karst processes of Mrassky and kuznetsk karst districts (Alatausko-Shorskoe uplands) on the example of key karst sites Volume 43, № 4 Natural Sciences
Gul'nur Z. Mazhitova, Sergey V. Pashkov, Sergey V. Krytsky Improvement of the methodology of large-scale agrarian landscape mapping based on uav application Volume 44, № 1 Natural Sciences

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