Speed of the underground chemical denudation and activity of Karst processes of Mrassky and kuznetsk karst districts (Alatausko-Shorskoe uplands) on the example of key karst sites

Author(s):  R.A. Kovalev, no, no, National Research Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia, razors26@rambler.ru

Issue:  Volume 43, № 4

Rubric:  Earth sciences

Annotation:  New data on speed and activity of karst processes in the territory of Mrassky and Kuznetsk karst districts of Alatausko-Shorsky uplands are provided in this work. Indexes of an underground chemical denudation, for this territory which is one of the key quantitative indices of speed of karst process, on the example of key karst sites are for the first time calculated, and the degree of activity of karst processes as a percentage in a millennium is also defined. Chemical denudation is a conditional calculated value showing how much mm the earth 's surface would decrease if these processes developed evenly over 1000 years. This is the meaning of denudation as a comparative value. Therefore, chemical denudation indicators reflect the intensity of karst processes only at the present stage. The received values from 49.92 to 73.75 m3/year × km2 or mm/1000 are quite characteristic years of this physiographic and geological situation. It indirectly is confirmed in comparison with the data obtained by other researchers (J. Korbel, M. Pulina) in other karst areas of the temperate climatic zone. The small activity of karst processes allows to judge resistance to the called processes of the studied carstified territories. The obtained data are a starting point for a research of speeds of karst processes of Alatausko-Shorsky uplands, the subsequent comparative analysis and identification of dynamics of process

Keywords:  Gornaya Shoriya, karst, chemical denudation, limestone, karst springs

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